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The luscious Collection 22

the Luscious collection 22

This New Collection is of great importance to me, it represents a year and a half of inner growth, during which I stopped looking outward, and started to focus on my inner self.

Healing my wounds and inner child, allowing my left feminine side to be released and the feeling of self forgiveness to flow throughout my blood, forcing my masculine right side to simply sit and just observe, no longer having to defend from my own self, from my own beliefs, my unfulfilled expectations, and from the heartbreaks that cause me harm.

Harm that I allowed, because I was unaware of what I have learned today. There´s no one to be blamed.

The Luscious collection is a celebration of my feminity, a reminder of all the wonderful aspects of my own body and the great potential that all women possess within each of Us, in this Universe: " WE GIVE LIFE" , we are mothers, we are daughters, we are girls, we are fragile, we are vulnerable, we are stubborn, we are sexy, we are sensual, we are passionate, we are hard workers, we are warriors, and we always take the stand, when other´s are not willing to do so.

The luscious Collection, is my feminine side, is the power of my strong intuition, the awakening of my consciousness. Is the feeling of being a woman, so courageous and fearless, while not needing male validation.

It is my Sensual side, it´s the worship towards my body. it is purely and truly a celebration of womanhood...

Rosalba Rivera.

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The designer

Rosalba Rivera, R2 Fashion designer, worked in Los Angeles Fashion Industry for 14 years. She learned the ABC of fashion when she met her first boss, a French Moroccan lady (Valerie) who introduce her to the fashion retail industry of MORGAN DE TOI (a French label) and the bohemian life she carried out her self.
She worked for BEBE, BCBG, D&G, Max Studio, Arden B, Jacqueline Jarrot, just to name a few as a buyer & stylist. In 2009 she moved back to Mexico where she started her own brand, with the inspiration of her Roots: The Mexican culture, folklore, textiles, embroideries ,music festivals & the Mexican beaches...

Once a year she works with different Artisans throughout Mexico in order to promote their embroideries, preserve their traditions and help the single Mother's out there that work very hard, need to bring food to the table, raise their kids & want to have better quality conditions.
She promotes the Fashion Revolution campaign on the net with the #Imadeyourclothes by giving credit to all her native artisans working in her 6 different workshops.
The rest is History...

Rosalba Rivera

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